Soldier of Christ

When I began my youth ministry calling, it was really difficult at times to stay strong spiritually. I remember during late nights sitting in my room or car and meditating on a scripture verse out of 2 Timothy 2:3, “Share in suffering as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.” As a result, the following was born from the cry of my heart, acknowledgment of my mind and faith of my soul. Many times after, I glanced back at this passage as encouragement to stay strong in faith.

I am the soldier of Christ!

He has put me on this earth for a purpose. A purpose that is greater than life it self. My Father has trained me throughout my life. Carved a perfect soldier for His army. He has made me a stronger in faith thats solid as a rock. Therefore, I shall not be shaken! I shall not be weaken in my faith by attacks that enemy brings upon me!

My strength is in Him only, and He leads me to victory. 
He has put on me the His armor. The armor of strong faith. He has given me His sword and shield. The Lord told me to go into this battle to fight, not to relax, but to rise up, stand strong, and march by His beat of a drum. And fight the battle for souls to be saved! 
Solider does not give up. He fights until the end and victory is his only aim!
So help me God!

I truly hope that this will uplift you to be faithful soldier for God!

Be blessed,
Alex Reznichenko

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