Life’s Mission Statement: How To Make Better Life Decisions

Since my childhood years, I have always been instructed to think about the future. The basic and necessary topics like career, spouse and ministry etc. I spent many nights thinking and praying about them. But if you are like me then you always wondered, “Will I make the right choose?

Let’s face it. It’s not easy. About a year and a half ago I got an idea from the business world. Mission Statement. Corporation can spend countless hours thinking, writing, re-writing their mission statement. Why?! It’s understood that having solid mission statement will guide them on making better decisions, goals and investments.

Likewise, I thought having a solid mission statement will guide me to make good decisions, pursue right goals and set proper priorities. After many hours in thought and prayer, it clicked. I figured out what I want my life mission statement to be.

My Life’s Mission statement: “Live To Improve

Mission statement means a formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual. What you as a individual will value? There are many voices that call us to their cause. Yes even procrastination or laziness.

Mission statement is the filter that can be used to help you make those hard decisions. Sometimes it also a way to figure out what you need to do instead of want. It’s to live intentionally. Prioritizing on what is important and learning to say “no” to things that are not.

Living Out My Mission Statement

After I have defined my life’s mission statement, I wrote down four areas of life that are really important of a value to me: God, wife, daughter, work. I desire for those areas to be in my field of view always and make intentional decision about them. I might even add more as time goes.

It’s also important to be specific in those areas as well.

I desire to “Live To Improve”. So each night, I journal and answer four questions. (With some of the specific points)

  1. What did I do today to improve my relationship with Christ?
    • The time I dedicate to prayer, reading the word, listing to sermons, reading books etc.
  2. What did I do today to improve my relationship with my wife (Marge)?
    • How much of quality time did I spend simply talking with her.
    • What did I do for her to feel loved today and care for. etc.
  3. What did I do today to improve my relationship with my daughter (Dahlia)?
    • Have a spent time to simply bond with her. etc.
  4. What did I do today to improve my work skill?
    • Did I learn something new today that improved my skill.

I even give them a score. -1 = did not do anything. 0 = did the usual. +1 = did above usual with specific situation.

This helps me to see if I am slacking in some area. After I begin to add them to my daily journal, I realized that I have not spent a lot of time with my daughter. So the next day, I deliberately blocked-out time just to bond with her. Before this, it could have been weeks until I realized it.

Final Thoughts

If you desire to live your life meaningfully and intentionally, create a life’s mission statement. This can help to guide you in future or current career, spouse, ministry, hobbies, investments (name the rest). It can ensure that your values and goals are being met. This is how you can make better life decisions by living out your mission statement each day. So at the end of your life there is less regrets and more joy.

What is your (or will be) life’s mission statement? 

Share it and inspire others use #MyLifesMissionStatement

Blessing to you! – Alex Reznichenko

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