The one thing we must do daily… but tend to forget.

I had opportunity to visit my wife’s grand parents. And I heard there the same thing that I hear over and over from older generation. “Time fly’s.” Not to mention on how much emphasis there is on the speed of it. It is the reoccurring theme.

The irony is that time keeps on ticking at the same pace.

But our recollection of that time seems to go very fast.

So teach us to number our days, That we may gain a heart of wisdom.”
Psalm 90:12 (NKJV)

There is a biblical wisdom for our life here on earth. Count your days and not years.

I fully understand that perhaps only few people have the capacity to remember every detail in their lives. I do not. I only remember the big moments or the moments that I valued the most. That is ok. God has created us to be like that. But there must be more.

It’s important to learn the skill of counting your days. We tend to think in years. We base our age, plans and investment in years. How many things happen in a year that we can recall? In my experience, it is perhaps 5 at tops that I can recall in a given moment. But how many different moments happen to us on daily bases that simply go unnoticed. It is missed opportunities.

Psalmist in the verse asked the Lord to teach him that skill of counting his days. Wisdom lies in that fact that each valued moment is captured. It is a daily process. It is living your live intentionally in order to bring the most glory to God.

In my daily journal, I began to record a number to each day. As the time of writing this, I have lived 10,040 days. In each day I make it count by remembering and commenting on what made that particular day important: Where I seen Gods blessing, What has challenge me to grow, How was God directly my steps, How did I grow closer to my wife, What did I do to be a better father etc.

The Lord gave us today to do what was not possible yesterday and will not be possible tomorrow.

Don’t forget to count each moment by counting each day. Live intentionally and do not put away things for tomorrow that can be done today.

Make every moment count!

Be blessed!

Alex Reznichenko