Secretes of a Prayer Warrior by Derek Prince – 5/5


Prayer is essential part of every God-fearing believer. Yet, there are mountain of questions regarding prayer. How can my prayers be answered? How can I pray confidently? How can I be sure my prayers are biblical? And, that is only few.

Derek Prince shows readers the secret of leading a dynamic prayer life, how to receive what they ask for, and how to align themselves with the heart of God. Prince practically reveals what it means to pray with confidence and authority right now. He provides biblical study, discipline and powerful personal testimonies of answered prayer. In addition, Prince dedicates a whole chapter on fasting.

In the words of the publisher, “This is a life-changing book.”


Chapter 1: A Kingdom of Priests
Chapter 2: Basic Conditions for Answered Prayer
Chapter 3: Kingdom Praying on Earth
Chapter 4: Twelve Different Types of Prayer
Chapter 5: How to Discover God’s Will
Chapter 6: Spiritual Weapons for Spiritual Warfare
Chapter 7: God’s Atomic Weapon: The Blood of Jesus
Chapter 8: Fasting: Our Response to God’s Purposes
Chapter 9: The Glorious Church

Liked 👍

Secrets of a Prayer Warrior is a very practical books. It’s written in very easy-to-read and understandble language. Prince gives practical strategies on how to pray more effectively, the power of fasting, and believers part in prayer here on earth.

Personally, it has transformed my attitude to prayer and fasting. I have gain insight to confidence in my prayer. The topic on fasting gave me the foundation on biblical fasting.

Disliked 👎 

Secrets of a Prayer Warrior was a difficult book to find something I didn’t like. Nevertheless, it seemed to me the last chapter could have been shorter and to the point.


I highly recommend to read this book. I am confident anyone who reads it will find valuable and practical information regarding prayer. If you desire for your prayer life to be vibrate then be sure to get “Secrets of Prayer Warrior” by Derek Prince. Purchase the book on Amazon.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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