The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel – 5/5


The Case of Christ is an apologetic book that speaks straight to the heart of the matter. Was Jesus the one who He claimed to be?

Lee Strobel is a former legal editor at the Chicago Tribune. As an atheist, Lee set on a journey to put the Jesus matter to rest once and for all. Taking his hard arguments to the best minds he can find. The plot begins to turn as the evidence points more and more that Jesus was who He claimed to be.

The book consist of interview from different individuals and is based on question concerning historical evidence, scientific evidence, and psychiatric evidence. Lee urges the readers to reach a verdict of their own.


PART 1: Examining the Record

1. The Eyewitness Evidence
Can the Biographies of Jesus Be Trusted? with Dr. Craig Blomberg
2. Testing the Eyewitness Evidence
Do the Biographies of Jesus Stand Up to Scrutiny? with Dr. Craig Blomberg
3. The Documentary Evidence
Were Jesus’ Biographies Reliably Preserved for Us? with Dr. Bruce Metzger
4. The Corroborating Evidence
Is There Credible Evidence for Jesus outside His Biographies? with Dr. Edwin Yamauchi
5. The Scientific Evidence
Does Archaeology Confirm or Contradict Jesus’ Biographies? with Dr. John McRay
6. The Rebuttal Evidence
Is the Jesus of History the Same As the Jesus of Faith? with Dr. Gregory Boyd

PART 2: Analyzing Jesus

7. The Identity Evidence
Was Jesus Really Convinced That He Was the Son of God? with Dr. Ben Witherington III
8. The Psychological Evidence
Was Jesus Crazy When He Claimed to Be the Son of God? with Dr. Gary Collins
9. The Profile Evidence
Did Jesus Fulfill the Attributes of God? with Dr. D. A. Carson
10. The Fingerprint Evidence
Did Jesus-and Jesus Alone-Match the Identity of the Messiah? with Louis Lapides, M,Div., Th.M.

PART 3: Researching the Resurrection

11. The Medical Evidence
Was Jesus’ Death a Sham and His Resurrection a Hoax? with Dr. Alexander Metherell
12. The Evidence of the Missing Body
Was Jesus’ Body Really Absent from His Tomb? with Dr. William Lane Craig
13. The Evidence of Appearances
Was Jesus Seen Alive after His Death on the Cross? with Dr. Gary Habermas
14. The Circumstantial Evidence
Are There Any Supporting Facts That Point to the Resurrection? with Dr. J. P. Moreland

Conclusion: The Verdict of History
What Does the Evidence Establish-And What Does It Mean Today?

Liked 👍

The Case for Christ is one of my absolute favorite books. Each interview keeps me on the edge. The questions that are raised are hard-pressing and relevant. My personal favorite was the Psychiatric Evidence. The chapter title is “Was Jesus Crazy When He Claimed to Be the Son of God?” I have never thought from such angle about Jesus’ claims. I really like how Lee leads the readers to make their own decision based on the evidence presented.

Disliked 👎 

The Case for Christ is one of those books that I have nothing to dislike.


The Case for Christ is a must read book! It is perfect as group study to new believers or those who want to be rotted in Christ more. Also, this is a really good book of evangelism on a personal level.

Purchase the book on Amazon.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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