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Life is confusing, unclear and difficult sometimes. No one knows all the answers but the Lord Jesus. That is why it’s important for us to share life together (Gal 6:2) and learn form each other.

My life’s mission is “To live intentionally and improve“. I desire to be help those around me to improve their relationship with God and others (Matt 22:37) by sharing my experiences, revelations, thoughts, struggles and victories. Either in my blog or sermons, I strive for it to help.

I really feel called to teaching and mentoring ministry. In November 2018 I have finished bachelors degree in Practical Theology. Currently I lead classes in church on Homiletics (preaching), Pre-Martial Counseling and Leadership.

Currently, my Marge and I are working on starting “Its Joyful Marriage” ministry.

Its Joyful Marriage is Christian based marriage podcast and blog ministry. It focuses on single, engaged and newly wed couples. Its Joyful Marriage strives to offer hope and equipment for God honoring and long lasting marriages. For more information visit us here

Little About Me

My name is Alex Reznichenko and I am 27 years old.  I have been married five years to my wonderful and beautiful bride Margaret. We have only one daughter so far… And currently reside in Denver, CO.

My life has been one of ministry. My parents raised me to serve people in local church. As a result, I have been in involved since 11 years of age playing drums in the band. I was worship leader at 16 to 21 years of age. I transitions to youth ministry as a leader from 19- 25 years of age.

Few things we do as a hobby are: music production, photography, hiking and reading books

Lets Connect Closer

I would enjoy to get to know you a little closer and stay connected. So be sure to stay follow on Site, Twitter (@AMReznichenk) and Instagram (@alex.reznichenko) or follow my blog.

Blessing To You!

Alex Reznichenko