Building the Kingdom” is the topic series that I am going through explaining the idea that every believer is called to be part of advancing the kingdom of God here on earth.

In Acts 9:5-6, Luke describes Paul’s conversions. When Paul encounter Christ there was two questions he asked, “Who are You?” and “What do You want me to do?” This is something that every person must answer, Who will be my God?” and “How will I do their will?” Why is that so important? Because those two questions will determine your   life’s direction, decision, and actions.

Someone was building it before you. They have passed it on to you. You will have to pass it to others.

As believers, we must understand that besides salvation we have a calling to be part in the body of Christ. We must be actively involved in seeking our part in building the kingdom.

Building the Kingdom

  1. The Giving of Grace
  2. The Enabling for Ministry
  3. The Edifying of the Body
  4. The Discovering Your Calling
  5. The Process of Growth
  6. Growing The Church

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