Let all that you do be done in love.”– 1-Cor 16:14

Expectations within marriage can fall into different areas ranging from physical fulfillment to household responsibilities: Who’s going to cook? Who’s going to plan for Valentine’s Day? Who’s going to go grocery shopping? Who’s going to oversee financial matters? When these questions are asked with respect, they can help establish marital roles and responsibilities. In contrast, when one spouse expects the other to fulfill those roles without first explaining their expectations and then together reaching a resolution, their once-peaceful home can become a toxic environment, inevitably leading to resentment and hurt.



Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married” – By Gary Chapman

Chapter 7


Talks About questions that are found at the end of Chapter 7

Discuss your expectation page in Joyful Marriage Packet

How will you communicate your expectation to your future spouse?

Additional things to talk about these expectation in detail; (Write It Down)

LIST: Relating to the opposite sex (at work, online, through social media, etc.), where/how often you attend church, renting vs. owning your own place, visiting extended family, celebrating holidays and special occasions, pets, your goals in life